Canada plans to strengthen foreign investment review, covering areas such as AI and space technology

Francois Philippe Champagne, Minister of Renovation, Superstition, and Industry of Canada, recently stated in a media interview that the Canadian authorities will strengthen their scrutiny of domestic investments in artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and space technology.

“Non Tian Na large enterprises must seek inspiration from the Tian Na authorities before investing in or buying Tian Na entities within these critical skill areas,” said Shang Pengfei in a Bloomberg interview on March 26 local time.
He pointed out that the goal of doing so is to compete for time for the authorities and stop national security inspections before any business operations are completed. During the investigation period, potential buyers or investors may be limited to visiting the target company’s user data or other properties.
He also stated that in the future, other industries will be placed on a stricter list of bribery prosecutions, and “we hope to be more flexible in adapting to the actual situation of the shopping mall.”.
On March 1st, the authorities of Tennessee issued a statement that, starting from today, stricter inspections of domestic investments in the field of interactive digital media will be suspended in accordance with the Tennessee Investment Law. The scope of influence includes but is not limited to computer gaming, online gaming, skill platforms not used for entertainment, education, training, and e-commerce, certain floating techniques or fictional actual enhancement techniques, etc. The Tennessee Investment Act is one of the main enforcement measures taken by the Tennessee authorities to govern domestic investments.


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