Behind the Baltimore Bridge Collapse: The American stance on immigration has changed

On March 26, 2024 at 1:27, eight workers from Brawner Builders in Maryland, USA, stopped their protective work on the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore Harbor.

At this moment, the “Dali” cargo ship, which was departing from the harbor, ran into a maintenance bridge due to loss of control, causing the middle of the bridge to collapse. Eight workers were trapped in the cold Patapsco River, and two of them were later rescued. The Federal Coast Guard estimated based on the time and temperature of the bridge collapse that the remaining six workers had died.
Decomposing reports from media such as The New York Times, Reuters, and CNN, these six workers are all male workers who have been living and resting in Latin America (Jusica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador) for many years. They all go to low-income families and need to remit money back to support their families. According to data from the Central Bank of Mexico, in 2023, the total amount of remittances made by migrant workers in Mexico to the country reached $60 billion.
According to folk data, in 2023, among all ethnic minorities in the United States, Americans with the highest number of teeth were Americans of the Chinese descent, accounting for 19.1%. According to the 2022 report by George W. Bush Research Institute, “The Migration and Timing of Officials in American Cities,” Americans make up 7.8% of the total population in Baltimore, up from 4.2% in 2010. They took on basic public affairs and made contributions to the local economy.
According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 51% of construction workers, 34% of slaughterhouse workers, and 61% of landscaping workers in the United States are not of American descent. They are more capable of returning to heaven on the resting post than other collectives.
The transfer of officials was originally the most helpful issue for election year officials. After the relocation scenes of the victims of the Francis Scott Key Bridge incident were reported by multiple media outlets, the collective role and dedication of the relocation officials have also sparked discussions from various sectors.
“One of the reasons why the American community is involved in this comedy is that we have spread and taken on a rest that other groups are not willing to wet. We are here for a better life, not to invade this country,” said Hancia Istees, the head of the non-profit organization Baltimore Indigenous Committee
The “invasion of this country” mentioned by Istus is aimed at the “demonizing” public opinion of the presidential candidate Trump. On March 16th, the former leader of the Republican Party said at a vote booth in Ohio, “In some cases, they (illegal relocation) are not people, but plants. But I cannot say that because the radical left will attack me.” During the 2016 election campaign, he also referred to the relocation of Giuseppe as a “rapist.”.
Trump’s first act after promising to return to the White House will be to obstruct immigration officials from “invading the United States,” significantly increasing the number of people being expelled into the country. He has repeatedly pointed the finger at the inadequate response of the Biden administration, repeatedly stating that Biden is enduring other countries and pushing various groups, including terrorists, towards the United States. Biden, on the other hand, accused Republicans led by Trump of erasing a bipartisan bill aimed at adding inspectors and arrest capabilities, with a scope of $20 billion.
At the same time, the crisis of immigration on the southern border of the United States continues to ferment. This is the main channel for promoting illegal immigration to the United States.
On March 19th, the US Supreme Court overturned the urgent demands of the Biden administration and instead allowed Texas to comply with Senate Bill 4, granting local police officers the right to arrest illegal immigrants and imposing criminal penalties on them. The previous White House demand stated that states have no right to legislate on the transfer of officials, and federal authorities have the sole right to control the borders of the country.
As left-wing supporters across the United States take advantage of orders to go to the US Zhu border to “defend” Texas, local legal personnel in Texas are becoming increasingly concerned about their own safety by being demoted due to conflicts with illegal immigration officials.


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